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Tom shoes are all about the fairness in business that seems to be lacking in most enterprises now a days. The company, founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 is based on the principle of serving those in need. For every cyber monday toms that you buy, a pair is donated to a child without shoes. It has declared that it is a non-profit company. It works on a mission of one for one. The company also works on the fair trade policy where the laborers get fair wages and do not have to work under inhuman working conditions. toms cyber monday 2013 currently manufacture in Argentina, Ethiopia and China.

The main reason why toms cyber monday deals ventured into shoes for children and nothing else was because he observed that millions of children suffered various diseases because of not wearing shoes. They were even unable to go to school because of the lack of shoes. toms black friday sale not only gives away one shoe for every one shoe bought but also raises awareness for the people who go without the basic necessities of life everyday.The unique quality of Toms is its blend of design and comfort. The shoes are beautiful, stylish and can be worn anywhere and for any purpose without the slightest worry for their well being. The toms black friday 2013 rubber sole and the canvas materials (for most of them) ensure that the shoes are rough and ready all the time.


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